Game of Thrones at Hollywood’s Chinese Theater!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I know it has been a long time since I’ve blogged, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been on any autograph adventures! I have so much to write about and so much to catch up on! So to whet your appetite, I will start my first blog of 2013 with the Game of Thrones panel!

Last night was exciting because I not only was going to see the cast of GOT, but it would be the first time to go inside the old Grauman’s Chinese Theater on Hollywood Blvd. When I got there at 6:45pm, the line was already down the block. Thank goodness my friend Laura was there to hold a place. The atmosphere was overwhelming! It was like a Hollywood movie premiere with the press and the red carpet rolled out. Finally I felt like and insider instead of the outsider looking in.


Inside the historic theater, it was beautiful! We found good seats near the front and waited for the next hour. During that time, I saw moderator (also creator and star of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) Rob McElhenney pacing up and down the aisle next to me.  I debated on asking him for a photo, but he looked nervous and I didn’t want to bother/annoy him.


Eventually the show started. We saw a video about the past seasons then Rob introduced everyone to the stage.


Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Michelle Fairley, Kit Harrington, EPs David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, creator and author George R.R. Martin, Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner all made their way on to the stage.

Throughout the night, Rob asked some really good questions about the show, the books, the producing and technical aspects and the actors’ thoughts on their characters. Because Game of Thrones is such a serious show, I never expected the cast and creators to be so darn funny! It was like I was sitting on a sitcom panel! I don’t think the comedy panels I went to were as funny! Peter Dinklage really stole the show! I definitely became more of a fan than I already was. You can catch the webcast and see for yourself here.

imagePeter Dinklage


imageKit, Michelle & Nikolaj


imageLena and Peter

Because this event was in a different venue from the usual, I was unsure if the cast would sign and how and where they would be exiting. Once it was over, sure enough, the fans rushed the stage and the cast was nice enough to stick around. Laura and I made our way to the front to grab a spot next to the stage. I made sure to stand toward the end they’d be exiting on in hopes of getting them before leaving.

The first to sign for me (and the one I was really hoping to meet) was Lena Headey. As she walked up to me, she said she could use some sneakers right now because of her tall wedge heels! When she signed my photos, I told her that my favorite film of hers was “Imagine Me and You” and that I was excited to be meeting her. I honestly can’t remember what she replied but she was very sweet, gracious and humble. (I can’t believe that my hands still shake with nervous excitement when meeting these people!)  Lena stayed and signed for as many fans that asked. She even walked back onto the stage to accommodate someone! As she was being helped onto the stage, I called out to her if she could really use those sneakers?

imageWe’re the scarf twins.

Next I got Sophie Turner who was fun and talkative. I think she accidently got some of my Sharpie on her hand but was more worried about the dress! Then, George R.R. Martin stopped to sign when I called out to him.



What happened next put me in a conundrum. Even though my goal was to meet Lena and Peter, I really wanted as many cast members as I could to sign my photos. I had Peter and Nikolaj to my right with Kit in front of me taking off his mic and preparing to leave. Do I grab Kit first? Or wait for Peter and miss both Kit and Nikolaj and maybe even Peter? My split second decision had me calling out for Kit. He came over and signed my photos. As he finished I called out to Peter, but he walked right past me and off the stage. Nikolaj was taking his time with fans so I was able to meet him after all.

imageKit signing. Peter was so close!


imageNikolaj posing with me.

As the fans and the cast were dispersing, I tried making my way to find Peter but he was escorted out. Rob McEllhenney was posing for a few pics but I missed out on getting him too. I believe Michelle and Maisie had signed on the opposite end of the stage for a short period of time because I barely saw them at all.

Overall it was a fun and exciting event in Hollywood! A big thank you to the cast of Game of Thrones!




Dodgers Great Steve Garvey!

Saturday, August 11, 2011

Steve Garvey had been making many appearances around town but I was never able to attend any of the events. It seemed like everyone had his autograph except me. Well, today was my lucky day because I finally got the chance to meet him.

Mr. Garvey had his second event of the day at 5pm at the Normandie Casino. I arrived about 3:45pm and security didn’t even have the ropes set up yet. Those who were there just hung out near the entrance until 4:40pm. That’s when we were allowed to line up. Then at 5pm on the dot, I turned around to see Mr. Garvey standing in the lobby. He walked over to the table and started signing. He was very cordial to everyone and signed multiple items. I wish I had more than my ROMLB, but I was happy to get my first signature nonetheless. The Fox Sports Radio people weren’t strict at all and the whole event was small and laid back.

When it came my turn he was very friendly and even inscribed my ball 74 NL MVP just as I was going to ask to do that. I then asked to get a photo with him and he obliged. I thought it was cool that he held the ball up too. 

He took his glasses off for this shot.

This was a nice event and I was out the door by 5:20pm. So glad I went. Can’t wait for the next time! Thanks Steve!

Cowboys Training Camp - Day 1

Monday, August 6, 2012

I’m not a Cowboys fan but my goal was to try and meet QB Tony Romo. We don’t get a lot of football here in LA so I’ll take whatever chance for his autograph that I can get. I also figured while I’m there I’d shoot for the other popular players like Dez Bryant (Yes I know he hit his mom so I’m still on the fence about meeting him), Jason Witten, Miles Austin (who was injured and not seen on the field), and Demarcus Ware.

1pm - I arrive at the Dallas Cowboys’ Cali home in Oxnard. Surprisingly it’s not that crowded. I assume it’s because of the 12,000 people who went to the scrimmage game the day before.

1:30pm - The line starts moving for early entrance for True Blue fan club members. From past experience at this camp, I knew I had to get in early along the fence so I joined the club. I walked into “autograph alley” and headed towards the end zone. Unfortunately it was blocked off for VIP people only. Arrgh! That’s where I needed to be! If anyone can help me get to the VIP section then please hook a girl up! So instead I found a spot around the 50 yard line. I hoped to at least get some good photos. Or, once practice was done they’d be right in front of us. Didn’t turn out that way.

2:30pm - The players came out and practiced on the opposite field. That meant we couldn’t really see anything or get any good photos. Eventually they did some drills in front of us so I took full advantage of the photo op. Most of the 2 1/2 hour practice was held on the opposite side though and we all stood along the fence bored and burnt from the sun. At least I had cool people on either side of me to talk to.

5pm - The major players literally disappeared. Romo, Bryant, Ware and even Jerry Jones… gone! I didn’t see them walk out of the main entrance. Instead they may have slipped through the exit by the end zone. In the distance I spotted Jason Witten but he only signed for some screaming volunteer kids.

The only ones to come over were rookies Cole Beasley, (Who at 5’7” is pretty amazing at WR. I’ll be rooting for him.) Ronald Leary and Justin Taplin-Ross. Brandon Carr and a few others I didn’t recognize signed only for the VIP section and for the kids.

After, I thought about roaming the parking lot of the hotel to try and meet players. Honestly I probably wouldn’t be able to recognize half of them without their jersey numbers with the exception of Romo and Witten, so I called it a day.

All in all it was pretty disappointing. I may try another time. Hopefully I’ll get better results.

Dez Bryant

Romo Passing

Witten getting bonked on the head.

Jason Witten going after his ball.

Romo and Jason Garrett

Brandon Carr

Romo passing

Dez Bryant

Carr stealing the pass to Bryant.

Cole Beasley

Double kickers

The crowd just waiting.

Cole Beasley

Me and Cole staring into the sun.

Justin Taplin-Ross

Ronald Leary

Brandon Carr signing for kids.

Dodgers Star Andre Ethier!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I really need to add Andre Ethier, Matt Kemp and Clayton Kershaw to my wish list. Those are the three Dodgers players I need to meet this year. Thanks to Steven from Zim’s Autographs, though, my wish of meeting Andre came true! 

Andre Ethier was rehabbing with the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes for two days after the All-Star game. I found out about this info from Steven’s site late Wednesday night and debated on making the drive on Thursday to meet him. I didn’t have many plans that day so I thought I’d check it out.

I arrived at the Quakes’ stadium by 1:45pm. There were already ten people waiting around for Andre. Everyone there were genuine Dodgers fans and I loved waiting with good people like that. Steven and his girlfriend even made it out 20 minutes later. By 2:15pm, Andre arrived and he casually walked up to all of us with the Quakes’ handlers and proceeded to sign. He was quiet but obliged everyone with their requests. When it came my turn, I turned into that girlie fan again. Hate when I do that! But that’s the fun part of this hobby I guess. The nerves one gets before meeting a hot baseball player! :) Anyway, my hands were full since I had him sign a ball and a photo for me. A nice lady behind me offered to hold my stuff as I got a different pen out for him. I said it was my first time meeting him and that I was a little excited. I think I apologized a lot for not having everything ready for him. Thankfully after all that, Andre was nice enough to pose for a pic with me too. Cloud nine! 

Andre continued signing multiples for everyone and taking photos for another ten minutes. I couldn’t believe how awesome he was. Can’t wait to meet him again! Thanks Steven and thanks Andre! 

Gremlins Director Joe Dante!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I was fortunate enough to go to a screening of the 1957 classic, The Incredible Shrinking Man. In attendance was none other than Joe Dante, director of Gremlins, Explorers, Innerspace, etc. Since I love meeting directors, I was excited for this one. After the film I had the opportunity to meet him. He was very nice when I showed him old photos of himself from my 80’s Gremlins magazine. He said I could get money for that on eBay. I told him I never sell my collectibles. (And that’s why I have too much stuff!) After our short conversation, he signed my magazine and took a pic with me. He was so nice and generous with me and everyone else who was there! Thank you Joe!

Slash gets his star on the Walk of Fame! Charlie Sheen is still crazy!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

While doing research for this event, I found that Slash was a very personable and nice guy who tended to sign when asked. So I was excited in the hopes of getting an autograph from a legendary rocker.

Yesterday I read KLOS radio was giving away tix for an acoustic concert with Slash to the first 200 people to show up by the star in front of the Hard Rock Cafe at 9am. Because of this, I knew the event would be a madhouse before I even got there. I arrived in Hollywood by 10am and saw the line of people waiting. Security didn’t let anyone onto the barricade yet. I noticed the dealers on the other end of the barricade and walked over to that side. Even though I don’t like them, they usually were the ones in the know. Eventually security let the ones in line fill the barricade, so I decided to make my way in there too. It wasn’t a good spot but it would have to do. Suddenly, security started to make everyone move and leave the area because it blocked the pathways. I think they yelled at people to move in and out and all around for a good half hour. This new security company were the biggest bunch of idiots who had no idea what was going on. The sad part was, all of us who’ve been there before knew the drill better than they did. I guess the best part of all the moving around was that I got a spot near the barricade behind two girls from Australia. I knew I’d be able to reach over them for autographs when the time came.

11:40am - Slash and his family finally came out.

Slash at right with his wife and kids on the left.

At the ceremony, producer Robert Evans, DJ Jim Ladd and Charlie Sheen were there to speak on Slash’s behalf. Poor Robert Evans. He was like this old man who could barely get all his words out and when he did, he just kept rambling on and on, making things up as he went. Charlie Sheen was still the train wreck that he was many months ago. I want to like him. I used to love him back in the day. Now, not so much. In his speech, Charlie said that Axl Rose would be sleeping on Hollywood Blvd. next to Slash’s star some day. Ouch! 

Greeting MC Leron Gubler

With Robert Evans

On stage with Jim Ladd.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie wouldn’t get off the stage.

Charlie hugging Slash’s wife.

When it came time for Slash to speak, his speech was humble and short. He was almost on the verge of tears. All of his speakers said what a great guy he was and I no doubt agreed.

After the ceremony was the usual photo ops with the star. Charlie Sheen went over to some fans to just stand there and pose but didn’t sign. The dealers got him to come near us but wouldn’t come over because if he signed, then he’d be stuck signing for everyone. So his handler got the dealer’s address and was going to send an autograph! Of all the people that doesn’t deserve one!

I think I saw him pull that cigarette out of the trash to smoke!

Charlie got tired of standing in front of us and went inside the Hard Rock. I noticed Slash came over and was signing for the barricade on my left. He signed for maybe three minutes, if that, and went inside. All I could think of was WTH???? I thought for sure he would take care of all his fans who were standing out in this 90 degree weather waiting for him! Guess his leather ensemble didn’t work well in the heat. Major disappointment! No autographs!

A line started forming around the side of the hard Rock for the concert. I then walked to the back to catch somebody, anybody walking out. Of course the dealers were all there too.  When I arrived, Gilby Clarke walked out. I wasn’t too keen on getting him so I just watched him walk away. He was nice to stop and take pics with fans though. Soon, Steven Adler walked out. He too was awesome and took a lot of time to meet with the fans. Too bad I’ve only followed him recently from Celebrity Rehab and not from the GnR heyday. When it was my turn to meet him, I asked how he was feeling and he said he was doing great. That’s always good to hear. Hopefully no more appearances on Celebrity Rehab!

Steven Adler with fans.

Me with Steven

Steven eventually went back inside the Hard Rock. Since so many fans had been gathering to meet him, security cleared everyone out once he left. By 1pm I was getting tired of the jerk security guard and it would have been another hour or so until Slash left. That was my cue to leave. Good thing because I noticed that there was still a line for the concert. I would have been there all day! No thanks! I’ll have to go after Slash another time.

LA Kings Captain Dustin Brown at Sports Chalet

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Sports Chalet in Torrance was hosting a signing with Kings captain and Stanley Cup champion Dustin Brown from 7-8pm. He did a signing at Living Spaces three days earlier but I couldn’t go because of work.

I arrived in Torrance and made a stop at the nearby Barnes and Noble to pick up a few magazines to help pass the time in line. When I got to Sports Chalet by 4:30pm, there was already a massive line weaving around the store. The guy who worked there said we were at about 360 - well over the 300 guaranteed limit. Because of the wait I came prepared this time. I opened up my folding chair and relaxed with the mags I bought. I had brought a sweater, a packed lunch and other items that would pass the time. As I waited comfortably, the guy from Sports Chalet kept giving us updates as to how the signing was going to work. He was very friendly and so was the rest of the staff. I must say it was one of the most organized events I ever been to.

By 6pm they started moving people into the store. The line of people was getting even longer. Bailey and the Ice Crew came around our section at that time too. It wasn’t until 7:50pm that I got to the entrance of the store. Some college kids rejoined their friends in front of me and some dirty skater punk finagled himself with their group. Basically he cut in front me. Stupid punk.

Those are 3 separate lines on only one side of the store.

We then continued to wait another half hour once inside the store. The punk had nothing to sign so he took off his filthy white t-shirt with nasty ring around the collar for it to be signed. Gross.

Getting close!

The dirty punk in grey.

I overheard security saying that over 600 people showed up and that Dustin was going to stay for an extra hour to accommodate everyone. That’s pretty cool of Dustin and that so many Kings fans showed support. You know that if this signing was during the season, no one would have been there. Everyone loves a champion! 

Finally it was my turn. I said hello to Dustin, asked him to sign in silver at the bottom, said congrats, thanked him and was done. Four hours of waiting for a 20 second moment. Oh well. I’m happy with my signed photo. 

Signing my photo.

Thanks Dustin!

Marty Reading with Dermot Mulroney, Ray Romano, Max Adler, Cleo King, Joel McHale, Pauley Perrette, Brenda Vaccaro, and Anna Gunn!

Monday, June 4, 2012

I was in absolute fandom heaven today!!!! I met my longtime crush, there were no crazy dealers to contend with and all the celebrities were super nice! This is how every adventure should be. No drama, no fighting, no arrogance, none of that!

Today was a live stage reading of the 1953 teleplay, Marty, written by Paddy Chayefsky.  It starred Dermot Mulroney, Ray Romano, Max Adler, Cleo King, Joel McHale, Pauley Perrette, Brenda Vaccaro, Anna Gunn, Loretta Devine, Raymond Cruz and Patricia Bethune. I didn’t know much about the story when I signed up to go. What I did know, though, was that my crush Dermot Mulroney was going to be there. I’ve liked him ever since college. Swoon!

So I get to the site by 6pm to try and get the stars going in. My friend meets me soon after. In the past it’s been hit or miss getting to meet them afterwards so that’s why I went early. I had read earlier that the premier for the new Adam Sandler movie was  tonight so I was hoping it wouldn’t be crowded with dealers. To my surprise I was right and only two old dealers showed up. It ended up being just the four of us waiting for the celebs to arrive. 

Normally the celebs get dropped off right in front of us, they sign, then make their way to the red carpet. This time they all came from the same nearby building and walked nowhere near us. The two old guys would shout out for Cleo King or Brenda Vaccaro to come over. When I saw Max Adler from Glee I thought I would shout out to him to ask for a photo. He smiled and motioned that he had to do the press line first. Same thing happened with each of the guests. When I saw Dermot Mulroney though, my heart was beating because I was so nervous that I would finally meet him. I called out to him and waved like a geeked out idiot. He smiled and waved back. Swoon again! 

Max Adler

Dermot Mulroney

The only one who did  come over was Pauley Perrette. It was really sweet of her to come see us.

Pauley signing for me.


Once Brenda Vaccaro was done with interviews the dealers yelled for her again. Security came over, took their Midnight Cowboy and SuperGirl albums and brought them over for her to sign. She signed the Midnight Cowboy ones but refused SuperGirl. Eventually security decided to let us go by the rail at the end of the press line. Probably because they didn’t want those guys yelling anymore. This is the spot where we had the most luck.

The first to come over was Cleo King from Mike and Molly. She signed for the dealers and then I got my photo with her. After the pic, she asked what my name was, I told her and she said, “Nice to meet you. I’m Cleo.”  Talk about being sweet! I then told her we couldn’t wait to see the show inside. She said they never rehearsed one bit together!

Cleo King

Once Max was through with the interviews, he stayed true to his word and came right over to take that photo with me.

Max Adler

We waited a bit longer and Ray Romano came in from the parking lot with his family. The dealers called out to him to sign so I got my stuff ready for him too. He was in a hurry so no photo at that time.

Ray Romano

The next one we were waiting for was Dermot. I swear I was feeling like a nervous teenager. I stood there waiting for him with my Wedding Date mini-poster that I got when the film premiered in 2005. Once his interviews were over he was about to head inside until someone on the red carpet who saw my poster pointed him in our direction. Eek! So excited! Yes I did geek out a bit. I said I had been a fan of his since “Where the Day Takes You” and “The Thing Called Love”. He said those were both good movies. I showed him my poster and told him I had it for a while now. He then asked where I wanted him to sign it and if he should make it out to me. So he signed my poster and another photo for me. Just being as sweet as can be the entire time. I asked for a photo with him and he had me go on the other side of the rail to take a nice pic. I think I said I was feeling like a giddy little girl at that point. He was so nice, so gracious and everything you would want your crush to be. Thank you Dermot! You made my night!!! From that experience, my friend and I were still shaking with excitement after he left.

Deciding where to sign my poster.

Yep, he’s dreamy.

Finally we waited for Joel McHale to come over. He signed some photos for the dealers and said, “I hope you make lots of money selling these.” So I piped up and said, “I’m not selling mine!” So he personalized the photo for me. It was funny because he wrote I love then paused for a moment as to what to write and he continued with shoes. I love shoes. Too funny! We then took a cute pic together. 

Joel McHale

So that was it with the red carpet. Time to go inside for the show. Unfortunately they had a strict no camera policy for the performance so I couldn’t take any pics or vids. They even had security walk the aisles to make sure nobody did. I went in with no expectations and by the end of the show I was wowed. Ray Romano was amazing as Marty, Brenda Vaccaro nailed it as his mother and Cleo King and Loretta Devine got most of the laughs. It was so fascinating watching these famous actors as they got into their characters. I need to rent the original film and tv show some day. 

After the show the actors stuck around to meet the fans. My friend wanted to meet Ray Romano so we went to see him first. Even though he was going to leave, I asked if we could get a photo and he stopped to oblige us. I told him how great he was tonight.

Ray Romano

Notice he took the time to spell out his last name.

My friend and I were big fans of Breaking Bad and didn’t get the chance to meet Anna Gunn when we came to the BB panel. So tonight we made up for it. She told us that she had to fly in from Albuquerque and back because they’re filming episode 7 of 8 right now. I said “You probably can’t tell us what’s happening then?”. She playfully said no but also said there was good stuff coming. I commented that the stories would be juicy and she pointed at me and said, that’s a good word to describe it, juicy. From the show I always hated her character because she was so mean, but in person she was as nice as could be.

Anna Gunn from Breaking bad

The stars chatting with each other.

Since Brenda Vaccaro was so amazing I wanted to get a photo with her. She was ready to leave but was kind enough to come over when I asked her.

 Brenda Vaccaro

All in all this was one of the best celebrity experiences I have ever had. Each of the actors were beyond nice and I didn’t have to get shoved out of the way to meet them. Honestly, I wish every adventure was like this! A big thank you to Dermot, Ray, Brenda, Cleo, Max, Pauley, Joel and Anna!

More Manny Pacquiao!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Today Manny Pacquiao and his huge entourage made it to Las Vegas to finish their final preparations before the Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley fight this Saturday, June 9 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. So I thought I would post more pics of Manny working out during the few times I went to see him.

Everyone wearing Manny’s shoes!

Shadow boxing

His wife Jinkee flew in to LA with the kids the night before Memorial Day. I was able to chat with her for a bit. She seemed jet lagged so I kept the conversation to a minimum.

In the foreground with blue beanie is Russian boxer Ruslan Provodnikov who was one of Manny’s sparring partners.

Alex Ariza in baseball cap.

Moment of silence to pray after the workout.

Off to the SUV.

Now here are some of the other things I got signed.

Go Manny!

Big Autograph Day! Manny Pacquiao, Kevin Durant, Andrew Luck, NFL Rookies and Stars!

Friday, May 18, 2012

I was looking forward to this day for a while now. So many sports stars were going to be  out and I had to meet them all. To start, I went to try for Manny Pacquiao again. I had to get my other boxing glove signed and I was determined to do so. In the end I had success.


3:30pm - With the Thunder back in town, I wanted to get superstar Kevin Durant on a premium item. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough hands to take pictures since I was holding my jersey and paint pen out for him. I was one of the last people down the line and he eventually signed for me. Some guys tried getting multiples and were reaching over my head to do so. Not sure if they got what they wanted but I think he saw me under the crowd and made sure to sign for me. I decided to wait around a little longer to try and get Russell Westbrook on my basketball. When he did come out, he walked right past us and never acknowledged us. I even tried to plead for him to come over in my nicest girlie voice! That didn’t work. Lol! By this time it was 4:30pm and I had to leave to make it to my next event. Thanks Kevin!

6pm  - I’d like to say that I hate traffic on the westside!!!! With that said I headed to UCLA for the NFLPA flag football game. There were a ton of rookies there but I had my sights on Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck. 

When I got there I looked for RGIII (Redskins) right away. After some interviews he was led to help out in a skills game with Nick Foles (Eagles) and T.J. Graham (Bills) and didn’t sign any autographs.

T.J. GrahamNick Foles

After RGIII’s interview, that was the last I saw of him. Don’t think he signed one autograph. In the distance I saw Andrew Luck but he walked right into the VIP tent.

I went to walk around the rest of the field to see what was going on. Right away I saw a bunch of players signing autographs along the barricades. Unfortunately I didn’t recognize most of them so I limited my signings on my NFL photo. The first player I saw, which I didn’t know at the time was Kansas City Chief’s WR Dwayne Bowe. He signed up a storm for everyone. Read how he signs for his fans in this article here.

Dwayne Bowe

Next I saw Coby Fleener (Colts) and Brandon Weeden (Browns) signing footballs and tossing them into the crowd. Somehow I was able to grab one signed by Coby.

Coby Fleener

Brandon Weeden

Next I saw Eddie George signing. He was about to get to me but took off when he saw his team score a touchdown. This whole time I never paid attention to the game. Just the players signing sigs throughout. I wish I got his autograph because I met his former Titans teammate next. A long time ago I missed out on a Jevon Kearse signing so when I saw him, I knew I had to get his autograph.

Jevon Kearse with the big guns!

On the opposite end of the field I saw a big commotion. It was Andrew Luck - #1 draft pick and new Colts QB! It was utter chaos with everyone (especially dealers) pushing and shoving their way in. If this was my only chance to get him, I had to push myself into the foray. As he got closer to me, I reached through the crowd and I asked him to sign my helmet. I think since he saw I was a girl he looked at me and made sure to sign. It looked like he even tried putting his number - something he didn’t do for others. Too bad the number came out as a blob of paint. Once he signed I told him “Go Colts!” He smiled back. (Blush)

I didn’t think he’d continue to sign, but he went on down the line. So I found a bare spot a few feet down and tried for another sig. This time I got him on my football. The autograph didn’t look so great though.

Andrew continued to sign so I pulled out the photo I had and had him sign that too.

I was definitely happy with my three Andrew Luck autographs. If I couldn’t get RGIII, this was definitely the next best thing. The other player I really wanted was Justin Blackmon (Jaguars). He didn’t sign for any of us but I did read he signed for others at another time. Bummed about that one. Another big one was LaMichael James (49ers). He was really nice and signed up a storm. I added him to my NFL photo. The other players who signed my photo were Brian Quick (Rams), Nick Toon (Saints), Doug Martin (Buccaneers) and AJ Jenkins (49ers).

LaMichael James 

Justin Blackmon not signing.

AJ Jenkins

I also saw former Packer Ahman Green signing. I used to love him when I lived in Wisconsin. A friend of mine got me his autograph on a helmet and football a long time ago but I never got one in person from him. Too bad I didn’t have anything for him so I had him sign the mini football that I caught. He was nice to everyone and chatted it up with fans. I said that I followed him when I used to live in WI and he said that he still lived in Green Bay. He was humble when I said that I had a nice collection of his rookie cards. 

Ahman Green loved Batman!

Ahman Green and Coby Fleener

Actor Sean Astin played in the game and the fans kept calling him Rudy since they didn’t know his real name. I’m a huge Goonies fan and have always wanted to meet Sean. I got a chicken scratch autograph and he kept skipping me when I asked for a photo. Hopefully I have a better experience the next time I meet him.

The last person left signing was Jevon Kearse. He was very cordial and had fun chatting with everyone. Couldn’t hurt to have another autograph from him so I had him sign my mini football.

8pm - My huge day of graphing was over and I was so happy with everything I got signed. Thank you to everyone I met today! This day definitely made me a happy girl!

Come with me as I share stories of my celeb and athlete encounters.

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